This Season's Setting and Place!

Welcome to the Awesome 233's Random.Org Survivors! WikiEdit

These are my Survivor seasons! I am proud to say there will be a lot. All of the seasons are RANDOM.ORG so it's is fair, and not rigged. We will be going all over the world for the seasons and it is going to be fun. The winner of each season and the Runner up too will get placed into next season and they have to play in it! And if anybody wants to know All Stars will be my 8th Survivor Season! But this season we're in Australia! 39 days, 18 people, 1 SURVIVOR!!!!!

Survivor Edit

1st Season of Survivor - Philippines!

Winner - KyleDile!

Runner Up - Lonelypuppie

2nd Season of Survivor - Australia!

Winner - ?

Runner Up - ?

Contestants For Australia -

KyleDile - Winner of Last season - 10th

Lonelypuppie - Runner up Last season - 16th

Mantyke - 12th


mattmon3365 - 18th

Sharon - 11th

xxasammy - 13th

Remmberme - 8th

LibraThompson - 17th

PrincessTeePee - 6th

Bosnian4life - 15th

Awesome12 - 14th


VanZiti - 5th

Sparky9171 `- 4th


SweetRem - 9th

Presumed - 7th

Latest activityEdit

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